I am a third-year Ph.D. student in Computer Vision at the University of Michigan, advised by Andrew Owens. Before that, I was a Master's student in UMich ECE (2021) and I did my bachelor's degree at UM-SJTU Joint Institute from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (2019).
My primary research interest lies in Computer Vision and Deep Learning. I have spent wonderful years in computer vision group @ Michigan. I am honored to collaborate with Prof. David Fouhey in 2021.

I am actively looking for internships in 2024 Summer, feel free to contact me if you are interested in.

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Audio in Metaverse
Multimodal Learning

My research so far has focused on self-supervised computer vision methods that learn from the sound and learning from unlabeled data. Still, I am open to other topics as well.

Work Experience

Meta Reality Labs, 05/2023 - 11/2023
Research Scientist Intern
Host: Israel D. Gebru, Christian Richardt, and Alexander Richard


Real Acoustic Fields: An Audio-Visual Room Acoustics Dataset and Benchmark
Ziyang Chen, Israel D. Gebru, Christian Richardt, Anurag Kumar, William Laney, Andrew Owens, Alexander Richard,
Coming Soon

Binding Touch to Everything: Learning Unified Multimodal Tactile Representations
Fengyu Yang*, Chao Feng*, Ziyang Chen*, ...... , Andrew Owens, Alex Wong
Coming Soon

GPS-to-3D: Lifting Tourist Photos to 3D Using 2D Diffusion
Chao Feng, Ziyang Chen, Aleksander Holynski, Alexei A. Efros, Andrew Owens
Coming Soon

Sound Localization from Motion: Jointly Learning Sound Direction and Camera Rotation
Ziyang Chen, Shengyi Qian, Andrew Owens
ICCV 2023
project page  ·  paper  ·  code  ·  bibtex

Conditional Generation of Audio from Video via Foley Analogies
Yuexi Du, Ziyang Chen, Justin Salamon, Bryan Russell, Andrew Owens
CVPR 2023
project page  ·  paper  ·  code  ·  bibtex

Self-Supervised Video Forensics by Audio-Visual Anomaly Detection
Chao Feng, Ziyang Chen, Andrew Owens
CVPR 2023 (Highlight -- 2.5% accept rate)
project page  ·  paper  ·  code  ·  bibtex

Sound Localization by Self-Supervised Time Delay Estimation
Ziyang Chen, David F. Fouhey, Andrew Owens
ECCV 2022
project page  ·  paper  ·  slides  ·  code  ·  bibtex

Mix and Localize: Localizing Sound Sources in Mixtures
Xixi Hu*, Ziyang Chen*, Andrew Owens
CVPR 2022
project page  ·  paper  ·  slides  ·  code  ·  bibtex

Structure from Silence: Learning Scene Structure from Ambient Sound
Ziyang Chen*, Xixi Hu*, Andrew Owens
CoRL 2021 (Oral)
project page  ·  paper  ·  slides  ·  code  ·  bibtex


Teaching Assistant:

  • VE312 Digital Integrated Circuits, Fall 2018, UM-SJTU Joint Institute. With Yaping Dan.
  • VE311 Electronic Circuits, Summer 2019, UM-SJTU Joint Institute. With Chang-Ching Tu.


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